13.Terrie Hallo(non-registered)
I purchased several of your Ohio coaster at Christmas time. They are beautiful. Everyone loved them.
12.Jason E(non-registered)
Frank is one of Cleveland's top photographers. This guy is a genius behind the lens. If I ever make the poor decision to get married (haha), his services would be the easiest decision I'd have to make. Keep up the great work!!
11.Tyler O(non-registered)
Frank has done some custom work for my home bar. I have him carte Blanche to create something unique for me and it turned out to be awesome.
10.Keith Fritz(non-registered)
Frank's work is truly impressive and he can do it all. From corporate to personal projects, he is the go to man.
I seriously love the pictures you took of me. I've worked with different photographers and you seriously did such a better job than they did. I mean their photos look good and everything but I feel like they are basic compared to the shots you did. You really capture the beauty in a unique way that's captivating and you see it in your work. Thanks for the shoot Francis!
8.Jaime Bell(non-registered)
Francis Angelone AMAZING Job with our New Years Eve photos!!!! You got everything and always find a way to capture the "fun" as well. Thank you so much and seriously a day turn around...you are nutz!! THANK YOU!!
6.Anita McLaughlin(non-registered)
Perfect Photographer for a perfect day- Thanks Frank!!! Beautiful photos!!!!
Love the Hope-Memorial photo!
4.Limerick Master(non-registered)
There once was a man named Frank
And all his pictures were dank
He built quite a site
and is way too polite
I'm quite sure he's gonna make bank
3.George Brown(non-registered)
Looking good Frank.
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